Finding Inspiration When You Least Expect It!!!

Posted Nov 26th, 2017

BCCA Niagara’s Latest Meeting

Recently we had the pleasure of holding our monthly meeting at BCCA Niagara’s member Mike Wyers house. I have met Mike just once before at another meeting, but never had the opportunity to actually talk to him at any length. That all changed the other night. The beauty I am finding with so many members in this club, is when I actually get to meet them and see their collections.

Before our meeting the other night, me and all the other club members had a tour from Mike of his collection. Not only does he have great brewery collectibles, but his other items from his life when he worked in the theater industry where incredible. Add in hockey collectibles, and endless small’s made for a very interesting tour from Mike. 

Mike’s enthusiasm was truly the best part of the night. Having a room full of other like minded people that could relate to him and his passion to preserve the history of all his collectibles, seemed to inspire him even more. It turned out to inspire me and the rest of us as well.

When you meet such a decent, kind, friendly and interesting  guy like Mike, it’s not hard to be inspired again. He made me feel excited to be collecting all the stuff that interest’s me. I am sure he inspired other members there, to feel excited about their collections as well. Mike’s excitement was great to see from a club member and he is just one of our 145 members. 

It’s almost exciting to think who’s next. What member and his collection will be this inspiring for me, or anyone else the way Mike has been without even knowing it.  Everyone I have met in this club so far has been nothing but friendly and interesting, and their collections have been incredible. 

Do your self a favour and get out to a meeting. Start trying to get to meet the other collectors in this club you are apart of. It feels good to be excited and inspired by Mike about brewery collectibles. Who are you going to meet that is going to do the same for you?

Here are some pictures from Mike’s collection!!!!



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