“The Thrill of the Hunt"

Posted Jul 11th, 2017

“The Thrill of the Hunt

If you’re like me, a “collector” you can understand the thrill of the hunt when it comes to adding to your brewery collection we all cherish. Not everyone can…..

“The Thrill of the hunt”

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English,the thrill of the chase/huntthethrill of the chase/huntthe excitement you feel when you are trying to get something that is difficult to get, especially when you are trying to get that perfect piece for your brewery collection → thrill. the thrill of the chase/hunt.

If you’re like me, a “collector” you can understand the thrill of the hunt when it comes to adding to your brewery collection we all cherish. Not everyone can…..

My collecting began long ago when for some reason while traveling to different flea markets and garage sales all across the cities close to my different home’s I have lived in. Dow beer collectibles seemed to appear more and more everywhere I showed up. For me it started with a piece here and there and soon turned out to be a small obsession that wasn't going to bother anyone if I displayed a piece or two.

Countless flea markets, garage sales, and later eBay, I found myself liking the thrill of finding something that no one knew the value of yet except me.
            I was sucked in by the thrill of the hunt………

                   My wife doesn’t understand
                   She is not a collector
                   She never has been her whole life.
                  I don’t understand why she isn’t
                         How could you not be?
               How could you not collect anything?

I almost feel bad she will never enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” like I do. Is there something she does I don’t understand? Not that I know of. She supports me and my obsession. When I head out even now to a flea market for the morning searching for that one more thing ,she understands but doesn’t want to go. She enjoy’s watching me having fun and I’m lucky.

                                Can anyone else relate?
                          How far has your hunt taken you?
          Where do you hope your hunt will take you in the future?
                     What’s the piece you are looking for?
             Will it stop you from collecting once you find it?
         Does your partner understand the thrill of the hunt?
      Do they help you search, or do they send your on your way?

 As collectors in a club I think, ‘the thrill of the hunt’ is a small thing that we all have in common.

 All of us have been the first one to a garage sale on a Saturday morning. Most of us have been to an auction for that, “got to have piece”. We all stopped into a flea market because you just don’t know what you will find that day. We all have seen that sign on the post for a garage sale and turned sharply on two wheels to make the turn.

 It’s ok to admit it. We all understand and relate. 

 Look around you and help someone understand the thrill of the hunt. The feeling we get from finding that next great piece should be experienced with as many people as possible.
 Its innocent fun and one way to keep our hobby growing.

Greg Dow

Dow jacketDow Beer delivery man jacket. I found this one Sunday at a place I like to go. It’s my favourite piece.

These are two Dow beer coaster I have that are very rare, and treasured pieces in my collection.

dow coaster          dow old stock ale image

I often think once I find this piece my collection will be complete………..probably not though!!!

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