Niagara College Teaching Brewery Student Bursary

Posted Dec 30th, 2017

BCCA Niagara recently received a letter from Niagara College, thanking us for our final payment towards our bursary of a student...

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Finding Inspiration When You Least Expect It!!!

Posted Nov 26th, 2017

BCCA Niagara’s Latest Meeting

Recently we had the pleasure of holding our monthly meeting at BCCA Niagara’s member Mike Wyers house. I have met Mike just once before at another meeting, but never had...

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“The Thrill of the Hunt

“The Thrill of the Hunt"

Posted Jul 11th, 2017

If you’re like me, a “collector” you can understand the thrill of the hunt when it comes to adding to your brewery collection we all cherish. Not everyone can…..

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Why the Next Ten Years of Beer Collecting will Smash the Last Ten Years of Beer Colllecting

Posted May 21st, 2017

Why the next ten years of beer collecting will smash the last ten years of beer collecting

As a relative new collector to this...

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Reminder Niagara College Spring Show Hotel Booking Cut-Off Date

Posted Apr 19th, 2017

                                        APRIL 25, 2017


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Lake Erie Chapter’s Summer Show

Posted Feb 4th, 2017

BCCA Niagara  check this out and mark your’s not to far to go !!!


BCCA Niagara

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Lock Street Brewery

Posted Feb 2nd, 2017

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Wells of Hope Taste & See 2017

Posted Jan 22nd, 2017

Please take time to check out this event run by the Wells of Hope. It’s the tenth annual Taste & See in support of the Wells of Hope. It’s a great night with great food, beer, and wine and proceeds go to help dig...

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“ ATTENTION ATTENTION “ All Canadian Coaster Collectors

Posted Jan 5th, 2017

BCCA Niagara member Bob Parker needs everyone’s attention. Bob has one of the biggest coaster collections I have every seen, and is looking to trade, sell, Canadian coasters. If you need a coaster from almost anywhere in the...

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BCCA Niagara’s Second Annual Christmas Party at HandleBar Hanks

Posted Dec 24th, 2016

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