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Learn a little about the Beer Collectors Club of Niagara and the people who drive it.

BCCA Niagara President and Founding Member Larry Lemelin 

Larry Lemelin

To say Larry has  been an important part of where BCCA Niagara is today is vastly understated . Without Larry’s tireless work day in and day out, there would be no BCCA Niagara. He single handily signed up over 90 members through his vast networking connections. Retired from  his work at General Motors, has left him time to start a new career as a brewery representative  selling beer throughout the entire Niagara Region. His experience’s from owning different business throughout in his life, and his outgoing and positive attitude makes him the best person to lead BCCA Niagara as our President.

BCCA Niagara Founding MemberTom Simpson

Tom Simpson

Tom has been a brewery collector for over 30 years, specializing in Taylor & Bate brewery items from a brewery located in St.Catharines ,Ont.He specializes in collecting clear glass bottles,and his knowledge of all brewery items makes him a valuable member and great historian for BCCA Niagara. 

BCCA Niagara Secretary Greg Dow

Greg Dow

Greg has been a great help in getting BCCA Niagara out there for everyone to know who we are and what we are about . Through his efforts with  our club’s website and Facebook page, Greg has worked hard and has been a generous supporter in advertising BCCA Niagara, our clubs shows, our meetings and events.            

Kevin Brain Kevin Brain has stepped up and took the position as Vice President to help out the club. Kevin always has the club’s best interest in mind. He has gone over and above getting us organized with storage facilities, and provides the club with great exposure in new area’s of the Niagara Region. 

The BCCA Niagara Chapter is a club for people who have an interest in brewery collectible items. Whether a person is just interested or wants to collect or trade those items….the BCCA Niagara Chapter is the place to be!! This club is about making new friends , helping one another and enjoying fun times together and coming together because of the common interest in brewery collectibles. Members of the Niagara club will enjoy meeting at monthly meetings, helping to organize an annual trade show and other events and making new friends. For $10.00 a person can become a member and whether a person has a strong or weak understanding to the hobby……present members will welcome those whom want to join the BCCA Niagara Chapter.

BCCA…Brewery Collectibles Club of America..106 chapters in several countries around the world…

contact us at bccaniagara@gmail.com or toll free 800 517-8708 Larry

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